Kunst im Dialog mit dem Stadtmuseum Tübingen (Art in consultation)

The series "Kunst im Dialog mit dem Stadtmusem" (Art in consultation) invites contemporary artists to create new works in interaction with the history of the city.

Vernissage: Fri, Sep. 21st 2018 | 19:00

Opening hours: Tue–Sun | 11:00–17:00

Informationen about the Stadtmuseum Tübingen: www.tuebingen.de/stadtmuseum | 07071 - 204 1711

Admission 2,50 Euro

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Museum Alte Kulturen (Schloss Hohentübingen)

Exhibition "Bach bearbeitet" - "Bach arranged"

Special exhibition of well known but also surprising arrangements of Bach's oeuvre in cooperation with the museum of the university of Tübingen MUT.

Vernissage: Wed, Sep. 26th 2018 | 19:00

Opening hours: Wed-Sun | 10:00–17:00 | Thu 10:00–19:00

Information about the Museum Alte Kulturen: www.unimuseum.de | 07071 - 29 77384

Admission 5,00 Euro

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Exhibition "Sieh, Bach"

Artistic variations

An exhibition project of „Kunst in der Lebenshilfe Tübingen

35 artists with and without disability will present works in the fields of painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, video art and objects.

Exhibition's duration Sep. 27th - Oct. 27th 2018

Vernissage Sep. 27th 2018 18:00 with Peter Krullis (Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V.), Dagmar Waizenegger (Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur der Universitätsstadt Tübingen), Frank Oidtmann (piano) et. al.

Live Painting with Mark Krause Sep. 29th 2018 17:00 - 19:00

Opening hours during the Bachfest:

daily 11:00–19:00

On Sat, Sep. 29th a regular visit of the Kulturhalle is not possible due to the Bachfest 2018 events.

Opening hours outside the Bachfest:

Wed-Fri | 14:00–18:00

Sat | 11:00–15:00

Peter Krullis Concept, Project lead

Admission free

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Live Painting

Special event

The artist Mark Krause paints as Bach's music (Goldberg Variations BWV 988, original and arranged) is performed live.

The exhibition "Sieh, Bach" might be visited during intermission.

Mark Krause Artist

Dieter Schumacher Percussion

Dizzy Krisch Vibraphone

Frank Oidtmann Piano

Admission free

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